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 Sink Vent pipe
Author: crossriver (NY)

My electrician is installing an exhaust fan over the kitchen island and wants to vent the fan through the outside wall going through the ceiling. The vent pipe is 6 inches but 12 inches from the wall in the ceiling there is a sink vent (1 1/2 inch) going horizontally through the ceiling joists which is preventing the 6 inch pipe going through. The electrician is suggesting two options: 1) Reduce the fan vent pipe to 4inches which in my opinion can reduce the effectiveness of the fan or 2) Raise the sink vent by cutting it and attaching two 90 degree on both ends to let the 6 inch fan vent go under it.

My question is, can he add the elbows to raise the sink vent in the ceiling?

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 Re: Sink Vent pipe
Author: packy (MA)

if you mean he wants to raise the vent and the lower it back down, no he can't.
if the vent gets rerouted so it continues to rise upwards, that is fine..

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 Re: Sink Vent pipe
Author: LemonPlumber (FL)

As said cut it/the plumbing vent\ lower and add your vent above?the plumbing vent must sustain fall to its terminal.the forced air may be ? humphs over proper venting.call the plumber before relaying on the electricians take on this.

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 Re: Sink Vent pipe
Author: North Carolina Plumber (NC)

As said, no it can't be done like that. One side of the vent with the 90 will eventiually fill with water, either rain water or condensation or both and completly block the vent which will lead to other problems.

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 Re: Sink Vent pipe
Author: waukeshaplumbing (WI)

as long as the vent pipe doesnt have a spot for water to collect its ok...it should be all pitched back down to the sink so water can drain....if it fills up with water it is no longer venting

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 Re: Sink Vent pipe
Author: hj (AZ)

He can go sideways, but probably NOT up and down the way you describe it.

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 Re: Sink Vent pipe
Author: APH624 (NY)

If the vent is only venting the kitchen sink, you can remove it and install a Studor vent under the sink, at least 6" above the trap, this is legal to do in NYS. Don't reduce the size of the exhaust as it will, for sure, not perform what it is designed for.

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 Re: Sink Vent pipe
Author: hj (AZ)

This would be a "handyman" type of adjustment, because "Studor" vents can create their own set of problems.

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