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 Water Heater Noise
Author: raindog (OR)


If you guys could check out this video, it is very very brief, just seconds. Its really there just to hear. Listen to the water heater. The noise is emanating from the water heater. We are not sure what is causing it. The homeowner believes it is something electronic. It is a gas water heater and I cant imagine how a thermopile could generate enough power to create a flaw that resulted in noise like that. I believe it is likely a result of thermal expansion. Bradford Tech Support sorta pointed me in that direction too.

If you believe it is due to thermal expansion, I am sure the follow up questions I will get are, my old water heater didnt do it, why is this new one doing it? I think the answer to that might be heat trap nipples, but not sure. Any ideas?

Video link:


Here is what I think. Its thermal expansion on a closed loop. Why it didnt happen with the old water heater? A: the new water heater has heat traps. Bradford uses a heat trap that is a rubber like flapper, they moved away from the ball checks that chattered. The rubber flappers are hammering. But factory says no way to the heat trap, but pints to pressure, I read as expansion.



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 Re: Water Heater Noise
Author: jimmy-o (CA)

Thermal expansion is less likely on an electric because it heats so much more slowly than a gas, allowing time for "normal" things to happen and relieve the pressure. Ultimately, if nothing else happens, it does heat up and there will be the expansion. If those heat traps were fluttering, I could see hammer out in the piping, but I don't see how the valves themselves would make any noise. Get a sound probe, or a long screwdriver held to your ear, and see if you can localize the noise. And of course, get a pressure gauge with tell-tale needle on there. That will tell you a lot.

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 Re: Water Heater Noise
Author: Paul48 (CT)

If that noise is fairly consistent in its length, a carefully coordinated opening of a faucet in conjunction with the start of the noise, should stop it instantly,if its expansion.

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 Re: Water Heater Noise
Author: hj (AZ)

The flue has a baffle in it, and that may be expanding when the burner comes on.

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 Re: Water Heater Noise
Author: LemonPlumber (FL)

Have your self respecting plumber clean the heat sinc off of the flex copper connection @hot outlet!!!Have him hard pipe it and earn a little more respect.Call bradford white and ask for a replacement hot outlet sinc if you did this.Little blue plastic sleeve with small rubber gate!!!

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