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 gurgling toilet
Author: thntgs (OK)

My toilet in the spare bathroom gurgles when it's flushed. As the water leaves the toilet it makes a gurgling sound and is slow to fill back up. There is no power flush to it anymore. the house was built in 1990 and we have snaked the toilet and still can't get it to flush correctly. It does have a tendency to clog a lot easier now than it has in the past. What do I need to do, pull the toilet, what?

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 Re: gurgling toilet
Author: Paul48 (CT)

I'd replace the fill valve. It adds to the total volume of the flush, and if you're just getting a dribble of water, you're not getting a good flush.

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 Re: gurgling toilet
Author: thntgs (OK)

Thanks, I'll give that a try. I did notice that the valve is an old fluidmaster, one of those brown ones.

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 Re: gurgling toilet
Author: mark (LA)

Did little johnny drop something in it thats caught across the throat of the discharge outlet, crayon, popsickle sticks, plastic qtips, tampon case, pull it off the floor and flip 'er upside down and get ya a good look see. you'd be ammazed at what I pull out of em. The like set of false teeth at the nursing home a few years back.
A good test I like to use, I call the water test- if it flushes the bowl of just water fine, but when you put a handful of paper it reacts as though it wants to clog, chances are theres something lodged in it.

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 Re: gurgling toilet
Author: thntgs (OK)

if the valve doesn't fix it, then I will pull the toilet and look under and while it's off run th snake again. Thanks for the info!

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 Re: gurgling toilet
Author: hj (AZ)

quote; There is no power flush to it anymore

If it is a conventional tank with a fill valve, and NOT a pressure flush tank, then the fill valve has NOTHING to do with the "power flush" since that is created by the water IN the tank. Either the water is not flowing out fast enough, the bowl's water passages are obstructed, the bowl is clogged, or you have a sewer problem. ALL of these can create the same symptoms.

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