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 Slow drain
Author: blbircher (PA)

My new wife had the bathtub re finished and re plumbed. When the drain was put in she said it was slow (still is). The plumber told her that was because the tub was old. I have a hard time believing this. I took the trap off thinking it was clogged. It is clear. A vent was put on the drain pipe, it is about 4" high. I took it off and checked it. It is working (manually). I turned on the cold water in the bathroom sink. The bathroom sink is close (3.5') to the drain exit. When I took out the vent water came out really fast, that led me to believe the drop is improper. Can this be corrected by increasing the drop @ the drain exit? I hope you under stand what I am trying to say. The vent is attached directly to the drain pipe. It is a pro-vent pv-140 the number on it is NSF-24. I was thinking about isolating the 2 drains. IE cut the plastic pipe and drop it 2" at the exit. This will give the sink and tube its own drain. Should I keep this vent in line?

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 Re: Slow drain
Author: dlh (TX)

t sounds like you have an air admittance valve (aav) and those are not proper vents, in the opinion of many plumbers, and have these types of problems. without knowing exactly how the drains and vent are installed we cant really say what the problem is other than the line is probably restricted further down

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 Re: Slow drain
Author: rjjr38 (ME)

You may have hair clogging the drain or not vented properly. The hair would be in the drain & waste assembly and not the trap. To clear it I take a piece of romex wire and bend a small hook on one end and fish it down the tub drain. Doing this repeatedly pulling the hair out. If your tub is vented within 5ft of the drain you should be OK. If not a Pro vent should solve the problem. My guess it's a hair clog.

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 Re: Slow drain
Author: packy (MA)

if the drain is new, the stopper mechanism may be out of adjustment.
P/S, please tell the installing plumber he/she is full of crap...
also, inform the plumbing inspector of the problem. the job never should have been passed if the drain was slow.

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 Re: Slow drain
Author: hj (AZ)

If you mean water came out of the vent opening, then it would be VERY unusual if that was caused by "bad slope". It is more likely the drain, which is common to the tub and sink, is partially obstructed causing your symptoms. IF your "plumber" thinks the drain is bad because the tub is "old", then get a better plumber who will find the REAL reason and fix it.

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 Re: Slow drain
Author: SMSPlumbing (PA)

Sounds like you need to get that plumber back out, or hire another to take a look at it. Without being there and seeing it in person, we can only guess as to why it is set up this way, and why it is acting this way.

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