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 Laundry Room Drain Pipe Smells Sour
Author: dna2005 (CA)

Our laundry room smells like rotten eggs. Last time this happened, I put draino down the washer drain pipe and it went away for a couple months.

It's back. Any suggestions for a long term solution?

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 Re: Laundry Room Drain Pipe Smells Sour
Author: Doug E. (CA)

rotten egg smell means sulfur gas. Are you on a septic?

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 Re: Laundry Room Drain Pipe Smells Sour
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

As suggested, sour often implies sulpher. But it could also mean standing water in your trap. Chemicals have little to no effect on non-organic restrictions and could be dangerous to uses with unnecessary fumes.
If this is a major issue, I would consider having a licensed plumber power wash the line and inspect it for integrity.

Best Wishes

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 Re: Laundry Room Drain Pipe Smells Sour
Author: ev607797 (VA)

Is there a floor drain in the laundry area? The trap in it may have dried up and your efforts may be tossing enough water in that direction to temporarily solve the matter. If you do have a floor drain, try dumping a gallon or so of water in it. My vote is that the smell is coming from there.


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 Re: Laundry Room Drain Pipe Smells Sour
Author: Nayman's Drain Services (Non-US)

Washers put out just as much, if not more, lint as your dryer. The lint adheres to the wall of the pipe, and is a perfect breeding ground for microbes/germs that CAN cause bad smells.
Using any kind of chemical only masks the problem and is never recommended.
If you can, drain the trap into a jar. Smell the water. If it smells bad, get your pipe cleaned be a professional drain cleaner or a certified plumber.
Maybe even go so far as to get the wastewater tested to see what exactly is in it that would produce the bad smell.(if you're in a town or city, your local wastewater plant may be able to help you)
Sulfur Dioxide produces a rotten egg smell, but I have never heard of that particular smell being described as "sour".
I hope you get your problem fixed


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 Re: Laundry Room Drain Pipe Smells Sour
Author: LemonPlumber (FL)

Dna.I would suggest that you check your washing machine manufacturers recommendation for sanitizing the drum.Pull the drain hose from the machine and stuff a bath hand towel in the drain.you may now see the smell is the machine not the drain.often high level water high temp bleach content water will resolve a machine oder.If your trap is holding water.test buy dropping a string with weigh on it to see if it is wet.Then leave the lid of the washer open when not in use.wipe fouling softeners and soap skum from the drum top edges.

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 Re: Laundry Room Drain Pipe Smells Sour
Author: jerco (MD)

I've taken away more than a few old washing machines that have had the foulest smelling water I've ever smelled left inside them. Evidently the pump does not discharge ALL the water and the stagnate water left inside becomes malodorous beyond belief.

Take the discharge hose out of the stand pipe and lay it on the ground (have towels you don't care about handy) water will come out. You will know right away if that's the problem.

You can try pouring bleach into the machine and letting it sit there for a day or two. That should take care of the problem for a little while but a new washing machine may be the only lasting solution ... if that's the source of the smell.

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