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 Sink only drains when running the garbage disposal
Author: tanyatraveling (HI)

Help! My kitchen sink only drains when I run the garbage disposal. I assumed there was a clog in the drain line so I took off the p-trap and snaked it several times. Also removed the garbage disposal and checked the line to the overflow vent next to the faucet. I'm on the 5th floor of an older, concrete condo and have a single sink. None of the units above me are having problems. Any ideas? I would be so grateful if someone could help me figure this one out.

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 Re: Sink only drains when running the garbage disposal
Author: royboy (SC)

Perhaps the grinding slots are plugged. Try running a couple of handfulls of ice cubes through it with the water running.

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 Re: Sink only drains when running the garbage disposal
Author: hj (AZ)

That could mean that YOUR drain in the wall is plugged and the disposer is acting as a pump and pushing the water up and over through the vent into a pipe that does drain.

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 Re: Sink only drains when running the garbage disposal
Author: HytechPlumber (LA)

It is very possible that your disposal needs to be cleaned out thouroughly. Sometimes hitting it with the sink sprayer will help dislodge some of the crud. Do not use any harsh chemicals. If you removed it you can take it outside and hose it out very well with some good hose pressure.

The other possibility would be that the sink arm is partially stopped up and disposal is pushing it through but usually it would back up all the time if that were the case.

... X....... X ... Good Luck .....

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 Re: Sink only drains when running the garbage disposal
Author: Nayman's Drain Services (Non-US)

go past the P-trap into the wall. Hopefully your "snake" will go down to clear any blockage

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