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 Delta Monitor 1700 Series leaks
Author: mcauliff (MI)

I have a Delta Monitor 1700 Series tub/shower faucet that is leaking. I removed the temperature control knob and collar. When I got to the unplated bonnet, I was not able to remove. I'm assuming from looking at the Delta web site, it is removable. Does it screw off? Is it only the top that comes off? What type of wrench should be used? I need to be able to remove the cartridge.

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 Re: Delta Monitor 1700 Series leaks
Author: Reanimator (CO)

Did you turn your water off? You'll get a helluva surprise if you do manage to wrench that off under pressure :)

Should be able to unthread that by hand once you've relieved the pressure.

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 Re: Delta Monitor 1700 Series leaks
Author: North Carolina Plumber (NC)

Most of the time they can be unscrewed by hand. If not by hand a large pair of channel locks will remove it.

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 Re: Delta Monitor 1700 Series leaks
Author: LemonPlumber (FL)

yes the large brass colored collar unscrews counter clock wise.how old is this valve?you may wish or have to have a replacement for this retainer nut if the channel locks will not remove it.it can be slit with a hack saw blade spread and easily removed.try www.deltafaucets.com.enter 1700 in the search box right top of page. the results at the bottom of the page,

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 Re: Delta Monitor 1700 Series leaks
Author: mcauliff (MI)

Yes, I did turn off both hot and cold water valves. The faucet is about 3 years old. Installed during tub/shower remodeling.

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 Re: Delta Monitor 1700 Series leaks
Author: xela (NJ)

I had the same issue with a "frozen" brass nut from the bonnet on the 1700 series.

First of all, do your plumbing work during the day time when the stores are open, in case you need something.

Second, take some pictures as you disassemble it. It makes it easier to re-assemble without having to 2nd guess yourself.

Third, like folks on this forum, I Googled and followed all the pros advice:

I applied vinegar to dissolve the calcium deposits, but it would not budge.

I used two wrenches (after a trip to Home Depot at 9 pm to get a 2nd one) so as not to break the bonnet. IT WOULD NOT BUDGE.

I bought a butane mini torch to heat the brass nut to expand it and "crack" the seal, along with my two huge wrenches, AND IT WOULD NOT BUDGE.

I was going to wait until Monday and buy another brass nut, so I could carefully cut this one and gingerly pry it off so as not to damage the threads...

Then, I just sprayed the thing with WD40 on both the inside and outside edge, and 15 minutes later it came off with very little pressure using a single wrench.

I felt not so smart, insofar as the first thing I would have done was the last, but happy to have it off and replace the cartridge.

There are only two threads on the bonnet, so WD40 penetrated far enough to dissolve the deposits readily, and it is a standard counter clockwise removal. A strap wrench would also keep the soft brass from getting damaged.

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