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 foamy water out of kitchen sink
Author: waukeshaplumbing (WI)

I had a call back today for foamy/bitter tasting water coming out of the kitchen faucet...it only does it when it hasnt been used for 1 hour or more...of course when i showed up they had just used it, so it wasnt doing it.

house has alot of unique plumbing in it...its a 'green' built house

water pipe is cpvc
has geothermal heating and that is also used to heat the domestic water

my go to guy for odd plumbing situations says its the glycol leaking into the domestic....i didnt do the heating.the heating company had a 4th year plumbing apprentice doing the heating.

does this sound correct?
what else could it be?

they are also getting alot of shavings in the pipes-clogging the aerators...i ran the faucets w/o aerators when i started the house up, but they keep getting more clogged aerators...not sure if its cpvc..its more like white shavings...doesnt look like the typical cpvc cuttings...

just an unusual thing thats also happening w/ this house i thought may mean something

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 Re: foamy water out of kitchen sink
Author: dlh (TX)

it doesnt mean anything to us without knowing more about the system

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 Re: foamy water out of kitchen sink
Author: jimmy-o (CA)

If they have a possible cross connect to the heating sytem, that glycol can be fatal...they need to check that out real quick.

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 Re: foamy water out of kitchen sink
Author: Doug E. (CA)

WOW....this post sounds scary! Question: is it propylene glycol or ethylene glycol in the heating system? (the latter being the deadly one) And can the water be tested for any signs of cross contimination by lab analysis?

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 Re: foamy water out of kitchen sink
Author: waukeshaplumbing (WI)

i was told now it was some kind of alcohol, not glycol

the builder tested it out and its not doing much for him..just alittle spash of foam...the homeowner made it out to be a glass full.

they cant nail it down to the hot or cold yet....

Homeowner blames the Kohler faucet..

its one of those 'types' of customers

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 Re: foamy water out of kitchen sink

sounds like you could have a whole house water filter that has just gone into backwash or just finished either way call a pro.

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