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 ABS Cement Setting Time.
Author: george 7941

I find that I often test out completed ABS drain lines soon after cementing them together.

Say you are installing a kitchen sink. The drain is the last item that gets done, after you have installed the faucet and mounted the sink. After this I can either sit down for half an hour doing nothing waiting for the cement to cure or come back the next day and check for leaks. Neither option is very desirable, so I often run the water about fifteen minutes after cementing to check for leaks, the fifteen minutes being spent cleaning up and taking my tools to my truck. I have not had a problem yet doing this.

Yesterday I had to snake out a 1 1/2 ABS drain line. There was no clean out, so I spliced in a cleanout, and not wanting to wait, ran the water five minutes after cementing and did not have any leaks.

Anyone see a problem in not waiting for more than five minutes?

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 Re: ABS Cement Setting Time.
Author: hj (AZ)

Not as long as you are not flexing the joint. It will be waterproof, but not very strong at that point.

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 Re: ABS Cement Setting Time.
Author: North Carolina Plumber (NC)

5 minutes is plenty enough time for the glue to set enough for you to drain water thru the system.

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 Re: ABS Cement Setting Time.
Author: rudythplbr54 (AK)

If you cannot pull the glued joint apart, it's ready for water flow. Always twist the joint together when joining, it spreads the cement evenly throughout the joint.

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 Re: ABS Cement Setting Time.
Author: george 7941

Since the glued joint cannot be pulled apart after about 30 secs, it means that ABS drain joints only need about 30 secs of curing before they are ready for water. I have always tried to give them about fifteen minutes curing time

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 Re: ABS Cement Setting Time.
Author: dlh (TX)

why not read the directions on the cement?

true the directions give longer times but i would wait at least the length of time the cement says to cure for handling the joint without risk of failure. i know that is much longer than 30 seconds and i would wait longer than 30 seconds in fact i would wait atleast 5 mins just to be reasonably sure it wont leak

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