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 Leaking frost-proof faucets
Author: cowbirdcat (NM)

Two of the four frost-proof faucets I had installed 2 years ago are leaking. They are all the same, white-metal faucets with a beige colored top plastic cap. They say A.S.S.E. 1019-A on each faucet and on the top plastic cap.
Before I call a plumber, is there a way I can access anyting to repair them myself? Are there washers inside that I can change?

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 Re: Leaking frost-proof faucets
Author: dlh (TX)

there might be. i am not familiar with the described faucet so i cant say for sure but it wouldnt hurt to take them apart and check.

if it has been leaking for awhile the seats might be bad and f they are then replacement is the only option

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 Re: Leaking frost-proof faucets
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

Tan knob would be Woodford Mfg. repair kits.

Best Wishes

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 Re: Leaking frost-proof faucets
Author: e-plumber (NY)

Are the spouts dripping or the "top plastic cap", when the water is running?


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Repair your leaking Plumbing fixtures ASAP [www.theplumber.com]
This slow drip will waste 7+ gallons of water per day.

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 Re: Leaking frost-proof faucets
Author: redwood (CT)

"Tan knob would be Woodford Mfg."

Not neccessarily!
Tan knobs give you both sides of the spectrum...
Home Depot also sells a tan handled chinese one...

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 Re: Leaking frost-proof faucets
Author: LemonPlumber (FL)

Remove handle ,flat blade screw driver.Now you see the stem where it meets the next part should be a bonnet hex nut .Try turning it clockwise about 1/2 revolution.reinstall handle and test.You have just tightened the packing on a Woodford sill cock.Good Luck.

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 Re: Leaking frost-proof faucets
Author: mrmike (NY)

Yes, this is an anti-syphon unit that most of the frost free's have now. Carefully pry up on the plastic cap with screwdrivers, then you can unscrew the bonnet with pliers. there is a plunger there with a washer & you can clean the unit & reverse the washer. Re-assemble & again be careful with snapping that plastic cap back on.

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