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 Plumbing degreaser?
Author: ChiDude (IL)

I'm trying to find a good plumbing degreaser for some issue I have with the pit building up grease. Yes, I've limited the amount of grease we send down the drain but want to get feedback on products that can eliminate the remaining grease that is sent in the sewer pit.

Thank you,

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 Re: Plumbing degreaser?
Author: redwood (CT)

You need a grease trap then...

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 Re: Plumbing degreaser?
Author: e-plumber (NY)

On a residential system, most people are extremely careful on how much oil/grease enters the Plumbing system, at least owners are...renters are another story.

The sewer ejector tank cover can be removed and the walls scraped clean if you believe there is a lot of build-up. The piping leading to the tank can be cleaned using the right equipment.


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 Re: Plumbing degreaser?
Author: packy (MA)


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 Re: Plumbing degreaser?
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

Cloroben Chemicals make such product for a controlled, supervised and trained end-user. Commercial buildings like the John Hancock with several high end restaurants on the top floors, discharging into the main wasteline. Then there are offices and business in that building.
The main vertical line is coated with a Clorben drip from a 50 gallon barrel. The Chief Engineer is well trained in its use and operation.
By law each business must have a adaquate grease interceptor and monthly cleaning program.

The chemical is no substitute for a grease interceptor and should not be considered as a replacement for that which is required.
Best Wishes

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 Re: Plumbing degreaser?
Author: redwood (CT)

Here is some stuff our forum sponsor sells...

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