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 Why Does My Shower Squeal?
Author: FixItMom (CA)

The shower head in my house is really really low so I got one of those extender arms. You know, the kind that you can adjust up and down. I used the same shower head I was already using. But when I turn the shower on it now makes this high pitched squeal. It keep squealing as long as the shower is on. Can anyone tell me how I can fix it please? I would really appreciate it, thank you.

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 Re: Why Does My Shower Squeal?
Author: jjbex (IL)

Adjust the head, or arm, something is at the right angle to restrict the water just right to cause the squeal. That or the pig that doesn't want it's mud washed off.


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 Re: Why Does My Shower Squeal?
Author: dlh (TX)

take the shower head off and turn the water on to see if you get the squeal. it could just be a piece of trash restricting a hole in the shower head

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 Re: Why Does My Shower Squeal?
Author: FixItMom (CA)

I see. Okay I think its that angle thing because the pipe that comes from the wall angles downward, and then the extender arm makes a sharp turn upward. So can you tell me, am I able to turn the pipe that actaully comes from the wall so that it angles upwards instead of downwards which would fix the angle problem? I mean does that pipe just twist for instance? or would that be something I would have to take the wall panel off to do?

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 Re: Why Does My Shower Squeal?
Author: steve (CA)

It's probably not an angle problem, but instead a restriction in the pipe or the showerhead.

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 Re: Why Does My Shower Squeal?
Author: e-plumber (NY)

If it didn't make the noise prior, it has to do with the new extender or the shower head. Check the ends of the extender and inside of the shower head for debris, this and some built-in water saving devices can sometimes create annoying sounds.

*Don't try to turn the shower arm, (sticking out of the wall) up, it could snap off :eek:


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