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 Breaking up basement floor
Author: mchristo63 (IN)

I am installing a new line in my basement floor for a shower, what is the best way to break up the floor for this line?

Wet Saw?
Jack Hammer?
Circular Saw + Jack hammer?
Dill holes along cut line + Jacker hammer?
Dill holes along cut line + Sledge?


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 Re: Breaking up basement floor
Author: britt (AL)

Depends on thickness and hardness of the crete your breaking. If given the choice I'd opt for the saw cut method then just break out with a jackhammer. I've also used just a sledge hammer. Less dust and its cheap if your doin it yourslf.

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 Re: Breaking up basement floor
Author: akamon (GA)

definately a jack hammer. start in one place to create a small hole, then work your way along, clearing and digging broken cement and gravel from under edge to create a ledge that will more easily break off. a diamond wet saw is the easiest way to go but can be extremely expensive, comparatively.

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 Re: Breaking up basement floor
Author: e-plumber (NY)

It also depends on how much concrete you need to open.
Have you considered a vent line for the shower trap?


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 Re: Breaking up basement floor
Author: steve (CA)

Be very carefull if using a gas wet or dry saw in a basement! Provide a huge amount of ventilation!

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 Re: Breaking up basement floor
Author: mchristo63 (IN)

If I were to use a sledge or even better, jack hammer, should I cut lines in the concrete first that I need to break out first? Or, do I just start pounding?

As for the vent question, I will be using the line for the lav making a circuit vent.

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 Re: Breaking up basement floor
Author: dlh (TX)

and where will that vent lead to?

cutting lines might make it look prettier when you pour it back but otherwise are unnecessary.

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 Re: Breaking up basement floor
Author: redwood (CT)

I usually saw cut a couple of inches using a Skil Saw with a diamond blade then jackhamer out the center of the saw cut. The saw cut gives a nice clean edge appearance for the patch and the jagged edge below a nice bonding surface for the patch. Use a concrete bonding agent when putting in the patch.

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 Re: Breaking up basement floor
Author: mchristo63 (IN)

The vent connect to the main vent line going to the roof.

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