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 Soap Build up in pipes
Author: Steve-o (VT)

We use a lot of soap in our home. Can soap buildup gradually coat the inside surface of pipes, gradually narrowing the passage along the entire inside surface of drain pipes leading from the bath tub, and create a slow draining flow? Could that be the cause of a slow draining bathtub, and if so what is a safe way to remove the build up? Thanks everyone, I appriciate your advice and comments.

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 Re: Soap Build up in pipes
Author: ericsandstone (TX)


I've showered in a home with galvanized pipes which had build up (corrosion) and stalled the draining of the shower significantly. Could be galvanized pipes, or a partial blockage.

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 Re: Soap Build up in pipes
Author: redwood (CT)

A electric powered snake applied in the proper place, in the proper manner, by a pro will clean this partial blockage of your pipes. Skip the chemical drain openers they are a useless waste of money and make the plumbers job more hazardous as well as shorten his equipment life. In some cases it might be best to consider repiping the drain.

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 Re: Soap Build up in pipes
Author: dlh (TX)

the answer is yes soap can build up and cause partial blockage.

do as redwood suggested and you should have many years of good draining pipes depending on what you put down them.

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 Re: Soap Build up in pipes
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

Undisolved soap bubbles and, over time, develop into a nasty grease substance. You can poke a hole in it, and it reforms as soon as you remove the rodder.

A licensed plumber know what to do and how to do it. Me, I like power jetters after a good mechanical rodding. Procedures differ, but achieve the same results at a different pace.

Best Wishes

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 Re: Soap Build up in pipes
Author: dumaz05 (FL)

The first step I would take is to remove the hair that is built up by the tub stop and drain. If this is not the case then I would suggest having your line rodded and then power jetted to emulsify any build up and clean your lines back up to about 98% of the pipes original integrity.

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