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 Old Stanadyne valve parts
Author: JoeB-Z (NJ)

I think I'm in trouble, but if anyone can help I would appreciate it.
The valve looks nothing like the Moen cartridges and Moen says it is just out of date.

This is a circa 1973 Stanadyne Touch Control shower valve (CP-654) that needs new seals. It is a model 82000. The seal kit is #11199, with two end seals (11027) and 2 port seals (11016). Can you believe I still have the instructions! Any help to locate correct and long lasting seals would be appreciated. Hunting substitutes at Lowes or other hardware stores has not worked especially well. Barring specific help, a good source for o-rings by dimensions or other tips would be appreciated.


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 Re: Old Stanadyne valve parts
Author: goodhands3334 (MA)

throw it away, bite the bullet and put something modern in, just think how much time your gonna waste, or already have done finding these things or not as the case may be, its still gonna be a 35 yr old valve with quite possibly body wear that putting substitute parts in may not fix and you`ll have a leaky valve, big box are no use for anything more than a couple of years old, good luck

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 Re: Old Stanadyne valve parts
Author: redwood (CT)

If it doesn't match the current Moen cartridge line... You are pretty much out of luck.

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 Re: Old Stanadyne valve parts
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

I recently talked with Pam at Moen and was advised that if your problem is venting, consider using the 1200/1225 stem. This would depend on whether the handle cap was snapped on or screw'd on.

Pam was very helpful and answered all my question and followed up with some fax info on that shower valve. 800-BUY-MOEN

Best Wishes

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