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 Shower drain leak/ thread problem
Author: mbayer (MO)

plumbing gurus_

I've got a shower drain leak. I unscrewed the drain insert - it's a PVC drain in a fiberglass unit, second floor. I have decent access from underneath (already tore out some drywall in the ceiling to inspect from below and identify where the leak was coming from. Answer: the rubber gasket is pretty stiff and not working too well any more.)

So, my problem is this: the top part of the drain screws down through the hole in the shower unit floor, but does not utilize the "nut" part of the typical assembly. My plumbing has a trap below with a "stub" of 2" PVC extending up to the shower unit bottom, but then at the top of the stub it's got a threaded PVC fitting cemented on and the top part of the shower drain screws directly into it.

When I unscrewed the top part of the shower drain, it got damaged ( I put a big hole in it). So now I need a new top part, as well as new gasket, to fix the leak.

Here's my problem: the threads on this drain (and the "receiving" fixture underneath that sits on top of the stub) are coarser than the replacement shower drain PVC sets I found at both HD and Lowe's. I bought a new drain/nut assembly (just for the gasket), and then when I damaged my top part, I tried to use the new top drain part, it wouldn't screw in and then I discovered the difference in the threads.

The top part of my (damaged) drain says, on top, "JONES MFG. CO., INC. IAPMO MADE IN USA" and has the UPC insignia.

My question is this: what are the chances I can find another top drain part that will match the (coarse) threads in my fitting? My house is only about 11 years old. I'm planning on calling around to some plumbing supply places in the local area.

The second question is: how hard would it be to remove the top threaded fitting from the stub and use a new drain/nut from HD or Lowe's? What I am not sure about is how the bottom of those assemblies ties in to the PVC below the unit. Is there some female fitting that can be cemented or do I find another threaded coupling with finer threads to match a new drain/nut combo?

I guess I'm just wondering which is the simplest way to go. If I had not damaged my top drain piece, all I needed to do was replace the rubber gasket. This has gotten a little harder.

Thanks in advance.

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 Re: Shower drain leak/ thread problem
Author: dlh (TX)

and now you know one reason why plumbers charge what they charge.

quickest thing to do would be to cut the old drain piece off get a coupling and a small piece of pipe and glue it together and be done with it

- - - - - - -

PLUMBERS "Protecting The Health Of The Nation"

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 Re: Shower drain leak/ thread problem
Author: redwood (CT)

replace the entire drain assembly and pipe as needed.

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 Re: Shower drain leak/ thread problem
Author: scottsrum (MA)

Did you ever find a replacement for the drain. I have the exact same problem as you did.

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 Re: Shower drain leak/ thread problem
Author: spndncash (OH)

I have run into the same problem with this flange, does anyone know where to get this part? I am not looking for the "that's why plumbers charge so much" answer. it was a cheap part to begin with, a PLUMBER purchased and installed it. the length of this unit is so long that other pieces wount fit without cutting out the trap and starting over. thanks in advance

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