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 Kohler toilet
Author: atabler

I have a one-piece Kohler toilet, model 703, with the
number 84296-AA on the inside workings. Occasionally,
for no apparent reason, the toilet will start running
on its own. I have tried adjusting the float, made sure the chain is not getting caught, etc., with no luck. Although the model is several years old, we only installed it about a year ago so I don't think it could be the seal already. Does anyone have an idea what might be causing this?

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 Re: Kohler toilet
Author: e-plumber (NY)

If I'm not mistaken I believe that is not the Kohler toilet model number but the number on top of the fill valve. The toilet model number is usually found on the tank wall and begins with a K and has four numbers and possibly a couple of letters following it.

The flapper may be worn or the tank water level too high causing your trouble, I don't believe there's a refill tube on that toilet but if there is, make sure it's not inserted too far into the overflow tube, which can cause a siphoning problem and make the toilet turn on every so often.


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 Re: Kohler toilet
Author: hj (AZ)

The only way to tell, and you are the only one who can do it, is to look inside the tank when it happens and see what the reason is.

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 Re: Kohler toilet
Author: whathe (Non-US)

Mine does the same thing, I suspect that the armature on the handle is too short and pulls the flaper valve off center each time it is flushed. The valve leaks and the water in the tank is topped up every so often. I sent an email to Kohler and hope to get a response on a retrofit or something. I am becoming increasingy less happy with this Kholer product.

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 Re: Kohler toilet
Author: robander (CT)

I have had the same difficulty with the Kohler 703. I solved it by removing, cleaning, and reinstalling the flapper. Over time crud deposits can accumulate on the bottom of the flapper, compromising the seal. Once cleaned and reinstalled in proper alignment for a good seal you should be in business. If the flapper is deteriorated, damaged, or warped you should replace it. Good luck.

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 Re: Kohler toilet
Author: DuanePaul (CA)

Our Kohler model 703, 84296AA filler valve is broken. I have been unable to find a replacement. Do you have any suggestions on whether a non-Kohler part will work? Thanks

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 Re: Kohler toilet
Author: kungster (NJ)

This component model 703 was replaced by part number 1068030. goto the kohler.com site and get to the part area and search for 1068030. It cost $33.55.

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 Re: Kohler toilet
Author: charleyb (NV)

you need a new flapper - 1010376 part number

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