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 Does Rootx really work?
Author: Anonymous User

I am probably going to need to have my main line augered for roots. Years ago, in another house I did that and was sold a product that went down the toilet called Rootx, that is supposed to prevent regrowth of roots. It seemed a bit hoaky to me and expensvie - $95. If I do have roots in my main line, and they are augered out is Rootx worthwhile or is it baloney??

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 Re: Does Rootx really work?
Author: PlumberManDan (IA)

I like copper suflate better.


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 Re: Does Rootx really work?
Author: Dunbar (KY)

I sell it to customers all the time after a good drain cleaning, most times they call me a year later for the application, no drain cleaning needed.

You have to allow the foaming to last an hour, which means no water running down the drain after application.

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 Re: Does Rootx really work?
Author: hj (AZ)

You have to trust the advertising. It is like a lot of other products that you cannot see operating. It may not do any good, but at least it does not do any damage. There is no way to tell if the time between root infestations is increased because of the Root-X or that is just the amount of time the roots required anyway.

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 Re: Does Rootx really work?
Author: Dunbar (KY)

Has nothing to do with advertising, has everything to do with the inert ingredients that make the product reliable.


The MSDS states what the product is comprised of. Mainly used by zoos, large aquatic structures to control algae growth.

Large city systems use the product in bulk to control root growth. The foaming action surpasses the old school copper sulfate since copper sulfate is detrimental to all surrounding root growths concerning nearby trees, and, doesn't stop mop hair root growth that generally grows top down, not bottom up.

I have too many customers on annual contracts that once had continuous root intrusion problems, and then once starting the treatment process of RootX, no more drain cleaning. Kinda knocked myself out of job security. Some of these drain systems were problematic up to 2.5 month intervals.

But, I own the yearly contract to come back and use the product, not the machine.

RootX has to be used within 1 hour of cutting the roots, or 6 to 8 weeks, cannot be inbetween. Reason: Roots, like any tree, shrub, bush, plant, there is a built-in defense system when cutting or pruning.

The ends where you have cut roots will sap over and protect any type of chemical treatment from being effective. Thus the reason for immediate application after a thorough root cutting.

Make sure that no water, even urinating in toilets is not recommended after application. This foaming action will saturate the piping system inside the groudwork of the home, including out to the main sewer.

The longer the foam stays in the pipe, the better the application. Copper sulfate only gradually trails the bottom of the piping, and has been related to trees being damage as a result due to ground saturation by excessive use.

The product is expensive, but has a track history worth mentioning. I have a great deal of satisfied customers that are controlling the issue of dig up and replacement.......

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