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 lasco 3-piece tub
Author: Anonymous User

Just installed Lasco 3-piece tub. Very experienced licensed plumber and my husband. Showered next A.M. LEAKS!! One wall not closed yet so traced leak to center seam, down to channel, through one of the bolts. Lots of caulk used. Is the design with center seam catching water causing the problem?? Seems now that even if we pull and re-caulk at the bolt, water is going down that seam and has to go somewhere. Any solutions, ideas, experience with these tub units??
Thanks in advance.

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 Re: lasco 3-piece tub
Author: Anonymous User


Within the past year, I have installed two Lasco tub/shower units. One was a two piece, the other a three-piece unit. No problems with either one. Lasco makes a decent quality product, in my opinion.

You said "lots of caulk" was used. Was the center seam caulked before the two wall pieces were bolted together? Was the tub lip caulked (including a circle of caulk around each snap-lock fastener) before the wall assembly was put atop the tub?

Most importantly, were all seams (both the center seam, and the entire seam where the tub meets the wall sections) caulked AFTER the whole unit was together?

I wouldn't go tearing the tub apart to caulk the bolts (I think you are referring to the snap-lock fasteners in the tub channel).

Instead, I would just caulk all the seams from inside the tub. Even if the seams were caulked before assembly, there are probably small voids and imperfections. A second application of caulk would fill these voids. And, if you use enough caulk and apply it neatly, it will fill in the seams and make them less noticeable, giving the tub a nice, finished appearance. I can't imagine water leaking through a bolt hole if ALL the seams are caulked as described.

By the way, I prefer 100 percent silicone over caulk. Silicone is difficult to work with and clean up, but it lasts longer and is more mildew resistant than caulk. I always give a second application of silicone after the unit is assembled.

The only tips I can give you on working with silicone is keep the tube opening small, don't apply too much, and smooth it and work it into the seams with your finger. And work quickly. It is better to apply too little, as you could always do another application, than to use too much and have it smear and make a mess. It really takes practice to do a neat job with silicone (perhaps practice on an old sink or something else you don't care about before tackling the tub).

Good luck, let us know how it works out.

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 Re: lasco 3-piece tub
Author: Anonymous User

Thanks so much for your response - it was very thorough and concerned at the same time. With those qualities, you must be a great plumber.

The only thing they did NOT do was the final caulk after the install, so the water went down the deep vertical center seam and sits in the horizontal seam.

We're kind of surprised that the final caulk was necessary because none of the photos on web site or catalog show these seams caulked.

It's caulked now, and we're still deciding what to do. I was looking forward to not having to maintain caulk lines....sigh!

Thanks again for your advice. It's much appreciated.

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 Re: lasco 3-piece tub
Author: Anonymous User

Patty, you're very welcome.

Photos in a catalog or on a website don't always accurately portray the finished product in real-life, actual use.

By the way, the compliment in the first paragraph of your post made my day! Thank you!

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 Re: lasco 3-piece tub
Author: Anonymous User

Sterling from kohler...no more bolts...no more leaks.

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 Re: lasco 3-piece tub
Author: Anonymous User

Yes..we are learning the (very) hard way. We'll never order from a catalog/supplier without seeing the unit. Husband says he feels like he's showering in a tupperware container - so small.

We're going back to the traditional tub/tile walls. His plumbing experience says cast iron, but his lower back is saying either Americast (Am Std) or Endurocast (Eljer).

Any experience/advice with these materials?

We don't want fiberglass/porcelain-steel etc.

Will post to main page - but wanted to let you know via this thread what we're moving to.

As always, thanks!

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 Re: lasco 3-piece tub
Author: Anonymous User

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