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 outside spigot won't turn off
Author: Anonymous User

OK, I've searched the web for the answer to this, but can't find this scenario.

My outside spigot, that I usually connect my garden hose to, will not turn off. If I turn it any tighter I'm afraid I'll destroy it. It's more than dripping, it's kind of pouring out. I stuck a garden hose handle on it, and that stopped it, but that's no real solution.

Can I just shut off the water to my house, and then replace the spigot?

The reason I'm afraid to is this:
I have a spigot inside the house - the hot water spigot for the washing machine, and the handle leaks. My father-in-law told me not to try to replace it, because if I twist the pipe inside the wall and damage it, I could have a serious problem on my hands. So I just turned it off, and basically don't use hot water to wash my clothes (once again, not really a solution, but, or is it?).

I'm more concerned about the outside leak than the washing machine feed, atm.

Thanks in advance for any advice you may have!

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 Re: outside spigot won't turn off
Author: HytechPlumber (LA)

If you are concerned about more damage upon removing your hose bibb than don't do it. They make a wye splitter that can be screwed onto existing hosebibb then be controlled by the valve on the splitter. A temporary inexpensive fix. If you cannot get a hold back then it may be best left to a professional for replace/repair. GOOD LUCK

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 Re: outside spigot won't turn off
Author: Dunbar (KY)

I would shut the main off. If the valves unthread, then I would use 2 wrenches, one to the hold the pipe connected to the valve, one to remove the valve. Use teflon tape AND teflon thread sealant.

If they are soldered, then call a plumber to make these repairs and have peace of mind.

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 Outside spigot won't turn off
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

My uncle used to tell me that if one had all the right tools, they could fix anything.
There might be some truth to that statement providing one also possessed some knowledge and skill.
You problem with water leaking from the hose bibb could be a minor one. Water on the outside usually has a shut-off for the winter so that the hose bibb doesn't freeze.
Hoping that you and your father in law have the right tools, you can remove the stem bonnet and inspect the Bibb Washer for wear and damage. Bibb Washers should be replaced with the exact same size and thickness when doing repairs.
Inspect the internal seat for nicks and scarring before considering replacement.
If you are not comfortable with the above message, hire a licensed plumber and you will have peace of mind and water that shuts off completely.
Best Wishes !

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 Re: outside spigot won't turn off
Author: Anonymous User

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm tempted to get my hands dirty. How much do you think a plumber would charge to replace the hose bibb for me, or fix it in general?

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 Re: outside spigot won't turn off
Author: Dunbar (KY)

Can't discuss pricing in this forum, I would get estimates from 3 local plumbers in your area.

Be very thorough in explaining your situation, phone estimates are sight unseen estimations, and if there is more work than quoted, then naturally the work cost will be higher.

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 Re: outside spigot won't turn off
Author: Anonymous User

Thanks for all the help. It was a frost proof spigot. I shut the water off to the house. Then I unscrewed the handle and pulled out this big rod. At the end was a washer that was badly deteriorated. My neighbor had a variety of similar washers, and after trying a few, finally got one that worked. Now the water will shut off, granted you still have to turn it kind of tight. Thanks again!

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