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 low water pressure in condo
Author: JER

i live on the 4th floor of a 30 story condo, the first 4 floors are on city water, which is me of course, is there any type of inline pump i can install in my unit waterlines to boost up the pressure, i have plenty of flow but lack the pressure i would like to have.

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 Re: low water pressure in condo
Author: e-plumber (NY)

There is no reason that the buildings system shouldn't provide adequate water pressure especially if the upper floors have higher pressure than yours, it sounds like a building problem.

There are booster pumps available to kick up the pressure but I doubt that the property management co. would allow it and I'm not sure if it would operate correctly if installed in that situation, besides the fact that they're noisey.



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 Re: low water pressure in condo
Author: jjbex (IL)

Buy a water pressure gauge. If you don't have a hose bib, like on a washing machine cold supply boiler drain, you can buy a aerator thread to hose thread adapter and put it on your kitchen faucet and check the pressure there. Do that and post back the results.

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 Re: low water pressure in condo
Author: plumbhelp (MA)

check all of your areators on your fixtures. ask your neighbors if they are also having problems.

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 Re: low water pressure in condo
Author: JER

pressure is about 41 psi, neighbors are happy with their pressure, i am like the last unit on city pressure. just looking to get a little more pressure, especially in the 2 showers.

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 Re: low water pressure in condo
Author: jimmy-o (CA)

41 PSI is definitley on the low side of what most people find to be adequate in their home. Of course, 41PSI on the 4th floor means that there is less than 60 on the 1st floor. It seems that this could be boosted to 75 to provide a happy medium for all floors. You need to ask the association to have a licensed plumber check out the system and see if such an adjustment can be made.

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