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 old mobile home plumbing
Author: Anonymous User

a) We are NOT plumbers!
b) The vent pipe to the roof in the bath is plugged so solid it's like concrete!
Hence, the bathroom sink doesn't drain; the toilet does not flush properly; the tub doesn't drain properly. When the toilet does come close to working right, the tub drain becomes almost a fountain! When we shower, the toilet bubbles in the bowl. Haven't used the sink in months. My husband has tried everything short of a really long drill to unplug the vent, says it just cannot be got through. He'd try the drill, but for those 45' angles etc. I asked, how 'bout a new vent pipe in a different location? He said, I DON'T KNOW!
HELP - I'd really like our bathroom back!

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 Re: old mobile home plumbing
Author: e-plumber (NY)

Call in a professional to take over from here, it's rare that a vent will get clogged that solid and a drill won't do.
The drain line downstream of the bathroom may be stopped up in addition to the venting problem.



"The society which scorns excellence in Plumbing as a humble activity and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is an
exalted activity will have neither good Plumbing nor good philosophy: neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water." -
John William Gardner 10/8/1912 - 2/16/2002

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This slow drip will waste 7+ gallons of water per day.

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 Old mobile home plumbing
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

One nice thing you can say about old mobile homes is .... (I can't think of it right now)
but plumbing consisted of the lightest grade of piping which made it easy to transport the home after it was built.
Today, those who purchased these older units are finding that cheap materials don't hold up as well... as the good stuff.
You may be facing a health issue and you should consider have a licensed plumber look and advise on your problem. A licensed plumber has the tools and knowledge to resolve your problem the fastest.
Give'em a chance, before it gets worse and you know that it will.
Best Wishes

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 Re: old mobile home plumbing
Author: HytechPlumber (LA)

I believe your problem is more drain stoppage related then vent blockage related. The vent being blocked up may just be a symtom of the real problem being the main sewer line is blocked up. Inspect the outside clean outs. In my area a trailer must dump into a full size (4") p-trap with clean out on stack. If applicable that would be the first place to inspect. Also if you are on a septic tank it may need to be inspected. GOOD LUCK

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