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 Tappan Ultra flow faucet -- Help
Author: gmaurer (NV)

I bought a house with an electronic faucet from the 60's in the kitchen. You push buttons to select Hot Cold Disposal Warm Low Flow Drinking Water Etc. The electronics work fine but the faucet itself is cracked and leaking. I can't find parts or anyone who has ever seen one of these things. I would like to keep it if possible. Anybody ever seen these before ?? Any ideas where to find parts ?? Thanks.

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 Re: Tappan Ultra flow faucet -- Help
Author: e-plumber (NY)

If the faucet itself is cracked, you may not be able to repair it, unless you're referring to the faucet spout which you would need to search high and low. Since the faucet is from the 60's, replacement is probably your only option.
You can attempt to remove the defective part and bring it into a specialty parts replacement shop, maybe they can identifty it for you and order a part.

Good Luck. e-plumber

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 Tappan Ultra flow faucet -- Help
Author: Wheelchair (IL)

You may be at the mercy of the retailers as Tappen did not produce faucets. They may have purchased an item and added it to their line back then.
As you may be aware, Tappan was sold in 1979 to AB Electrolux, A German company. Since then the product line may have been diluted and may no longer produce parts for discontinued Tappan Products.
Where ever you do chose to go for repair parts, have your Tappan model number and serial number.
You could try to contact AB Electrolux-USA

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 Re: Tappan Ultra flow faucet -- Help
Author: pzqk7j (AZ)

Sounds like an excellent opportunity to replace and upgrade. Trying to save a fixture that is 40+ years old does not make a lot of sense to me.

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 Re: Tappan Ultra flow faucet -- Help
Author: team47 (OH)

I probably have a used replacement faucet for your system

send me an e-mail if still in need


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