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 pink residue on sides of tub
Author: Anonymous User

A new bathroom with a jacuzzi tub was just installed in our house.We now notice a pink residue from the water that collects in the frame of the sliding shower door tracks and around the jets of the jacuzzi. This pink residue is not around the other older bathroom on the first floor.
What could this be?

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 Re: pink residue on sides of tub
Author: Dunbar (KY)

Could be any type of soap or shampoo or bath products used during use. Or it could be bacteria.

Or could be make-up products that came off into water.
Best thing to do is to keep unit clean and follow proper cleaning procedures on jets. What you cannot see can harm you.

There was a incident with a major home improvement store where a spa was returned to the store a year after it's use and was not properly cleaned.

The unit was filled up with water and proper treatment of water was not followed by employees.

Needless to say, some of the employees and one customer obtained legume's air disease from the operation of spa with contaminated moisture produced in the air.

As a result, the customer died as a result of this. (elderly)

In my area this is caused by small amounts of iron in water and is identical to what you state.

I see alot of situations where caulk lines on tubs, shower curtains and shower doors covered with mold. More than likely this issue is contributed to commonly known allergies.

Vent fans in bathrooms turned ON would greatly reduce some of these issues along with regular cleaning.

Post Edited (08-20-03 23:58)

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Always be aware of cross-connections in your potable water systems---They could one day harm you and your loved ones.

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