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 pvc to terracotta drain pipe
Author: Anonymous User

Hi, does anyone know how I can couple pvc pipe to old terracotta pipe? I need to replace a piece of my underground terracotta drainpipe and will use pvc. Thanks!

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 Re: pvc to terracotta drain pipe
Author: steve (CA)

Jpee, use an adapter Fernco style coupling. Here is a link to the coupling(click on the clay to plastic link) - [www.fernco.com]

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 Re: pvc to terracotta drain pipe
Author: HytechPlumber (LA)

As Steve has suggested they make a rubber fernco especially for that transition. I have already used 5" no-hub clamps. The 5" clamps fits on to the clay pipe and it also fits on the hub of plastic pipe. I would also install a short piece of pipe inside fitting to keep inside smooth. The fernco works best but the 5" clamps may one day pull you out of a jam. GOOD LUCK

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 Re: pvc to terracotta drain pipe
Author: hj (AZ)

Plumbing supply stores, and possibly Home Depot have the Fernco transition fitting.




On-line see [www.plumbingsupply.com]

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