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 Rainsoft water softner
Author: Anonymous User

The house I bought has a large expensive water softner. I want to use it because I understand it better for the pipes. However, I want to adjust how soft the water is and I want to change the filter myself. Can you tell me how to do this and do I need to do anything else to it to keep it maintained? What type of salt is the best to use? I tried using the blocks, but, they are too heavy for me.

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 Re: Rainsoft water softner
Author: GSchreiber, CWS VI (MN)

It is not a good idea to try to adjust the "softness" of the water from the water softener. You defeat the benefit of no pipe scaling as well as all the other benefits of soft water. Once you become accustomed to the feel of soft water you will not want any hardness in the water at all. It has been my experience that it takes about 2-3 weeks and then you are in soft water heaven.

Regarding the use of "block salt": Use Extra Coarse Solar Salt Crystals instead. Block salt dose not dissolve well enough for the water softener to work properly. Do not use "Mined" Rock Salt. It contains too much sand and dirt and that will accumulate in the brine tank and requires frequent brine tank cleaning. Solar Salt is as clean as Block Salt.

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 Re: Rainsoft water softner
Author: hj (AZ)

You do not adjust the soft water, you can only adjust how often the softener recycles. There is no filter to change, and you need bags of water softener salt pellets, not blocks.

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 Re: Rainsoft water softner
Author: Anonymous User

The Rainsoft people wanted to come out and change the filter and do maintenance for around $125.00. This I did not do.

I also have a small filter under my sink. Maybe that is the one that has a filter. If so, where can I get a filter? Home Depot or direct from Rainsoft?

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 Re: Rainsoft water softner
Author: Gary Slusser

It's always best to describe things in detail. Usually they sell an RO drinking/cooking water system with their softener. All ROs require frequent servicing; every 6-12 months depending on the water quality they are treating and how much RO water you use, among a few other things. So having the RO serviced to be able to understand its operation etc. is a very good idea. While they are there they can test your raw water and set the softener up for your family's water use and that will make the unit more efficient. They can also explain the unit to you. They will want you to use block salt. My advice is not to use anything but solar crystal salt. It causes the fewest if any problem related to 'salt' of all the types of salt used in a water softener.

Based on the amount of iron in your water, you may want the type of salt that has the resin cleaner in it. Although the best way to clean resin is manually mixing some in warm water and pouring it into the salt tank once every so often, again, depending on your water quality etc., and then doing a manual regeneration.

I'm not sure but I think you may find the RO is very difficult to find parts for unless you buy them from them. That's one of the problems with owning proprietary equipment.

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