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(yet another) closet flange question pfun100 (CA) 10 
Well pump keeps turning on and off NickNewberg (MI)
Poor flow from shower faucet Bill Danger (KY) 11 
Sewage pump switch SwimRunPlumb (MI)
condensate pump RickPenn (PA)
Shower faucet replacement ricoball56 (NH)
Hose Valve Open at Right and Left Turn of Knob mm61972 (VA)
Hot Water Heater topo0323 (TN) 11 
does shutoff valve for sillcock required by code in SC? zincli (SC) 12 
Toilet clogged RussJR (TN)
encased cement pipe/please help so I don't have to hire a lawyer mokishana (UT)
Tub won't drain! Kathie (MA)
Drain valve opening (post) notch broken plumbdumb123 (UT)
Basement drain backing up. drs (MI)
What is this style of main drain cleanout fitting dherweck (CA)
plastic cap stuck in toilet trap ffuubbaa (OH)
Help! Can't Figure Out How to Remove this Type of Bathroom Faucet? giink (NH)
Toilet flushing causing pipes to rattle nifletcher (VA)
Vacant house winterization amira_rn (NY)
Leaky OLD OLD faucet bcb1234 (NC)
Copper pipe tracing sum (FL)
Removing an old nut from bolt. JH (GA)
Pipe vibration ramonekalsaw (WA)
Newbie on board Joel22 (CA)
Ridgid 65A question & hints on using it would be appreciated. Kiwi DIY (Non-US)
Kinks in braided faucet supply line maccpaorl (FL)
Kohler k728 Frank1234 (IL)
How do I turn on gas fireplace?! Srain13 (TX)
No cold water to one shower trudr75 (MI)
Glacier Bay bath faucet plunger plumbobber (CA)
Wall Hung Toilet Gasket Curly (CA)
Radiant heat/pressure issue Joey c (NY) 18 
Need help with my faucet plumbing zrussian (CA)
shower valve emmetthodges (TN)
Need help - I believe I have frozen pipes. (Pictures provided) Proof03 (CO)
Between a rock and and floor joist md9918 (MD)
Main water supply jmsealre (NY)
Leaking bath faucet cmbaca (NM)
Bathroom faucet waltandra (NV)
How to Transition to PVC at Cast Iron hub? Don411 (NY) 15 
Pulsing Water Ktown Raider (NV)
Any toilets under 24" from floor to top of tank? jf0423 (MA)
Relocating kitchen plumbing jaspenn (FL)
ceramic cartridges seizing johntaylor (Non-US)
Washer/Dryer Listed Dimensions sum (FL)
Enlarging sprayer support hole in cast iron sink John_Harry (OH)
Waste Pipe Tie-In Problem akrause22 (KS)
HATE Sprayers on Kitchen Faucets - Any Suggestions?? Quisbamsis (AZ)
Cast iron stack leak NBMT91 (NJ) 14 
A little heat to unoccupied boiler zones SeanQ (OH)
Most/least reliable kitchen faucet brands? jf0423 (MA) 10 
Mixer Shower Running Cold When Hot Water Still Available. DC4 (Non-US)
Noisy pipes when toilet refills (after installing new toilet) AnaZpoconos (PA)
Older model BR faucet leak (3 pics included) Andy3285 (CA)
2 separate sewage ejector pumps to 1 discharge pipe Jethro (VA) 12 
Brass tub drain valve frozen closed from vinegar wideawake (MI)
Old Shower Faucet Sattju (GA)
Identifying a kitchen faucet cartridge fathornet25 (NJ)
New home build plumbing mistake Perry.james (OK) 16 
Toilet tie in question BookerTWashington (VA)
Vent through wall rather than roof BookerTWashington (VA)
Utility sink in basement/vent pipe carson45 (TN)
Mysterious Troubled Water Heater brentspears (GA) 14 
Water Heater dielectric leaking greekguy7 (IL)
Mystery valve under kitchen sink spraying water Kitster (CA)
Moen shower faucet Gcftexas (TX)
Puzzling leak under kitchen countertop plywood 120volts (CA)
new year resolution/s packy (MA)
Low Water Pressure SamWhatAm2627 (OK)
leaking radiator kennyk (AL)
bathroom reno-shower questions denise1202 (NY)
Sewer smell when washer runs after sitting robhandyman (MA) 20 
Shower Clog/Opening Copper Cap dstrafford (MA)
new install of air gap hose on a kenmore dishwasher gisdude (CA)
Rim value Pritchett (TX)
rough-in shower valve body jayw (KY)
sink leaking out of dish washer pipe zgifford1221 (WI)
wall sink in garage garbert (OH)
Flush lever not open long enough for water to drain out bowl Pritchett (TX) 17 
Kitchen sink thumps ! Mttkey (TN)
Cannot unthread shower drain. jaredneumann (UT)
Water Heater installed with no place to drain to dakotagrrl77 (NJ) 11 
Water on the floor nickiizupet (FL)
New Toilet Rebeccaj23 (MI)
New outdoor hot water cylinder dripping from 2 places simon14 (Non-US)
Clean outs gee_2000 (CA)
Brass or dielectric nipple for copper connection Stop23 (WI)
Sewer smell jprice96 (NC)
Plumbing Bathroom to Soil Stack Mwinchell (CO)
Polybutylene pipes betterplumbing (FL) 13 
am I getting scammed/poor single mother mokishana (UT)
Blue ice Edp (CA)
Taco sweat checks tundra27 (NH)
Basement Shower Drain Leak / Repair chatyak (Non-US)
New Member - Need advice for bathroom remodel Leo69 (FL)
Pipe diameter Bagge (PA)
Water Softener Drain Line CottageOwner (Non-US)
Kerdi Drain Sitting High Buddy-Lee (IN)
water lines brittontracie (WV)
sewer type smell in laundry room under the sink washington09 (CA)
Natural gas smell when hot water runs through washing machine BLainhart (OH)
Toilet bowl MartinT (Non-US)
1-1/4" vs. 1-1/2" p-trap nicholas123 (FL)
Kitchen faucet slow leak sum (FL) 11 
New Toilet - Out of Spec? beno (TX)
Adding shower/tub combo BookerTWashington (VA)
toilet bowl draining out sdan57 (CT)
Help identifying cartridge/steam for shower handle mannyohio (OH)
Hot Water Heater: Weak Pilot Signal Detected mommiegeek (OH)
Faucet Repair ajmarchione (TN)
Bubbling Toilet and Slow Tub Drain Anthony1981 (CA)
Sand/grit appearing in water heater screen? djmano (CA)
tub gayle2e (MN)
Hot water recirculator srtrost (FL)
Changing faucet cartridge papagiorgio (LA)
No hot h2o at any faucet until I run cold in one bathtub KelliPearl (AZ)
Relocating a central vacuum pipe mbmsv (Non-US)
Broken bathtub faucet sailpe (FL)
Sink won't drain if running water for a minute or two danisem (LA)
Replacement for a Case 3000 toilet renshen1 (CT)
ABS drains and vent isometric Pipe runner (AZ)
Hot water causes the sink tub faucet to shut down Bc1976 (CA)
Cracked head Lancelot50 (IN)
Sump pumps failed nswyers (Non-US)
Bathroom sink pipe configuration talksthetalk (CA)
Clogged toilet, broken outside drainage pipe SINGLE65 (LA)
Well pump Dan Dillon (TX)
Hooking shower filter system to laundry sink? wint3er (OH)
Non-stop water (hissing) noise behind washing machine at apt. Alltexan (TX)
Lukewarm bath water/hot shower water nickarjuna (RI)
Aquastat + taco zone controller issue Joey c (NY) 67 
Kitchen faucet replacement Gbd1972 (MO)
1 1/2" brass to shower floor drain silicone (WA)
Strange pipe noise mike1964 (PA) 10 
Electric water heater under stairs Adino (MO)
Whirlpool tub help Robranger714 (TX)
Washing machine drain overflows if toilet is running mg5487 (MD)
Hot Water Issues- Please Help! jayb1979 (MA)
Washer drain hose diameter JimV (CA)
Is there a simple Solution for leak in fitting? See Pics/Model posdotcom (ND)
Singing Faucet Marcfb (MD)
Acid Neutralizer Marcfb (MD)
Faucet doesn't immediately turn on or off broox (IA)
20psi Pressure Drop When a Fixture is Open Stoopalini (TX)
Septic gas smell Split1960 (OH)
Check Valve Sizing Luckey (IN)
Need help/info with leaking bathroom sink. (Pictures provided) Proof03 (CO)
Need help identifying roughed pipes Kspartan41 (MI)
changing washing machine shut-off valve tab a (KS) 11 
Water pressure drops MTK (CO)
how much flex can I put on a type L hard copper pipe? sum (FL) 11 
Alternating Hot cold with tankless water heater Lloyd_90 (CA)
new toilet PlumerDan (CA)
Issue with new shower and bath tap with converter simon14 (Non-US)
Air Bubble When Toilet Flushes tosh9i (WA)
Sewer smell from basement drain with no p-trap. Can I plug/seal it? lightthief (OH)
Downstairs shower backs up when I use upstairs shower Ecca (NC)
Water Heater Issue gifford814 (OK) 10 
Kohler single-handle pressure-balancing shower valve bam99 (SC)
New kitchen faucet dchanson55 (TX)
Draining sump pump into laundry stack during winter Bartman (Non-US)
Is this Possible TomaA (NJ)
Running out of hot water csbutton (PA)
Adding a laundry sink to an existing waste hub. specbebop (TX)
Possible frozen pipe JoeGold (TX)
Bathroom Remodel 13jmprice (TN)
Random water noise from the toilet mharding (CA)
Unable to remove handles on a leaky faucet Chrisr (RI)
Occasional smell from shower drain lbeachmike (NY) 12 
need help/advise on basement floor drain stand pipe ?? cvcman (NY) 16 
Could NON-leaking toilet cause sewer gas smell spanky67 (CT)
DWV Rough-In Look Over - Please gbennett (GA) 10 
Leaky Faucet. What do I do? AndyGrey (IL)
Baffled by water pressure problems after deep freeze Nolan (ME)
EcoSmart 27 Elec Tankless W/H - Shower Cold when faucet on tanklesstroubles (TX)
When ac/heater unit is on get a weird noise from sink overflow Billotterson (CA)
Sewer smell in basement Cad3damron (KY)
Shallow well pump Sloganone66 (MA)
Hot water still smells like metal after anode rod replaced palmtrees (OH)
BOW-Mystery Faucet Brand & Cartridge Problem Valigirl (Non-US)
New TPR Valve Lp water heater releasing during cold water fill catherinecook (CA)
outside wall facuet cmahan (OK)
Separation Anxiety mubadub (AL)
HW boiler and radiant flooring and adding a zone abigsteelersfan1970 (PA) 54 
Drain pipe problem NotPro64 (NJ)
Flapper assemblies vs. tower assemblies? lef2009 (NY)
Shower is either too hot or too cold! Jett (FL)
Shower/Tub Venting jbimmerle (NY) 25 
Shower diverter problem Mangothelegend (PA)
soldering joints stranger12 (Non-US)
Bladder tank pressure Gary2550 (NC)
Frost Free Faucet Frozen joyjeeves (NY)
Hot water only to showerhead, but not tub faucet. (Tankless heater) rmaynard (AZ)
faucet handles Denny12 (MI)
Disconnecting a sidesprayer on an aquasource faucet Homekitchenrepairnovice (TX)
Kitchen sink rough in.. Stella11 (FL)
How is toilet wetting basement???? Flabbergasted (CO)
Water Meter Low Flow/Triangle Sprocket Moves Back and forth bulldogman3 (TN)
No water coming from hot side Mopar (MI)
PVC drain fittings sum (FL) 13 
Bathroom remodel CodyWelch (OK)
3 Toilets all with same "problem" rickhow (NY) 19 
RO Under kitchen sink Gail (NV)
Pressure drop in Kitchen faucet cold water only saregister (CA)
Paint thinner smell in basement CabinGirl (WI)
lifting WH up to loft Pipe runner (AZ) 10 
Copper pipe fitting sum (FL)
What Is wrong with my toilet? OliviaaJeenn (NY)
probably not much call for these in phoenix.. packy (MA)
Hydrostatic Sewer Test Jfh904 (TX)
Drain pipe blocking shower installation parloop (CA)
septic line that has frozen in past years ana (NH)
Shower Upstream of Wet Vent? BMWT (TX)
Quick Question mcameron2479 (MA)
Laundry Drain and Vent gbennett (GA)
Clogging from paper on wet vented system and low flow toilets Jeff.baker (GA)
h/c water pipes must go through unheated crawlspace Harvey94 (NJ)
Odd sewer smell RAK41714 (NY)
Water Heater - Replaced everything still cold?! dch27 (WA)
kitchen faucet thumping sound Juro (MI)
Frozen water lines Islandboye (NY)
Minimum toilet vent size? LesP (WA) 11 
Glacier Bay tub shower faucets tinacap77 (CA)
Acetone for cleaning pvc? exapprentice30 (MA)
sink ball & rod assembly tonyscro (CA)
installing kitchen sink ekm92 (GA)
can I slow down flow on a utility pump with a lamp dimmer rehostat ? cvcman (NY) 13 
running toilet jdkappel (CA)
Cold Weather Sewer Smell FRODAK (ND)
cap copper lines Pipe runner (AZ) 10 
Cold water shut off Surfah (FL)
Nocorrode flux expires? sum (FL)
How to differentiate a "SANICOMPACT @ Comfort ECO +" from a... sergioc78 (Non-US)
I have a plumbing problem. GaryD (MO)
Brand new Wayne 1/2 HP Jet Pumps work for few seconds-cut off Pablopicaso (FL)
Plumbing license MaryBella (DC)
Bad smell from inactive washing machine drain pipe Gary Wedge (CA)
OK to Use old compression ring/nut? NOTAPLUMBER339 (OR)
Lawsuit - Plumbing. Help! MaryBella (DC)
Help! Where has the water gone? Maris (FL)
supply line question Daisy3 (AZ)
Hooking up ice maker waterline to washing machine line? ginae1965 (MS)
Hot water register Mrruss (NH)
Flooding under dishwasher! quigalo363636 (NY)
Going from a PVC Sched 40 1-1/2" PIPE to a 1/2" Poly Combination Elbow Livi17 (Non-US)
Water leaking into basement after shower caitlyn_treacy (PA)
Help getting clean drinking safe water to Cabin Soulprogression (HI)
Replacing a leaking wye under concrete slab sum (FL) 19 
Toilet periodically stops filling up and then starts filling up Mwalker98 (ID)
Cloth fabric wrapped around PVC and cast iron drain sum (FL)
Leak repair at tee Diesel6.0 (MS)
No hot water from 1of 2sinks in bathroom Rassmith (VA)
Faucet making a water hammer sound chris91oconnor (MA)
Back to Back Toilets TonyK132 (CO)
2nd pump needed? TonyK132 (CO) 15 
Sump Pump making constant clicking noise with vibration rayroark1 (VA)
Freezing Pipes ColdnSnow (MN)
stop valve directions billy46 (AZ)
hissing sound from main shut off vaande98 (WI)
Septic tank J Ross (AR)
small gas heater J Ross (AR)
two heaters in series - one or both hybrid? bdaalex (NJ)
How to fix 1/2 inch gap between shower drain pipe and flange? danielvaz23 (FL) 11 
Toilets are not draining kanek08 (NH)
Elbow drain for 1929 cast iron tub LindaBerig (CO)
Minimum Burial depth of ABS pipe Pipe runner (AZ)
2 of 4 new valve stems not opening satyriconm (CO) 13 
Non toxic plumbing cement BRrenovator (KY)
Dripping frost free faucet Bullrider1047 (OK)
doing your own plumbing in Mass. Landlordgreg (MA)
Toilet repair issue - flushing power hottingeorgia (GA) 12 
Zone Not getting hot jayperl (NY)
Stub-out for water supply where tight at basement wall header and... kjpyatt (MO)
Kitchen faucet surging and knocking Wenyo (DE)
overflow hole in bathroom sink stuckinlodi (MO)
Delta handle bonnet issue Nsmith04 (TX) 10 
Custom Shower Valve Brand identification KPaxson (AZ)
Moen kitchen facet model number needed to order replacement hose Pat555 (PA)
Flat venting toilet Ganoman (TX) 10 
delta shower valve/ no cold water sasha (AZ)
Delta Single valve shower Direneed (FL)
Mud in kitchen sinks cl412879 (DC)
Mass. codes Landlordgreg (MA)
Plastic toys in sink Jcbeck35 (LA)
Gas Range BBB (AL)
How do I remove this cartridge? gawnej (AZ)
Venting a wall mount toilet Ganoman (TX)
Backed up draining question sblatter (UT)
3/4" from main water meter to master bath - should we use 3/4 or... nishdom (IL)
Can I Wet Vent Basement Utility Sink? kjpyatt (MO) 12 
Pex pressure testing Hillegas (WV) 11 
atrapisatrap golliath (CO)
Noritz Tankless Water Heater PlumberLoren (CA)
water service pipe upgrade question newhomeowner33 (IL)
water filtering system karen Lee (OH)
Water supply to garage aaron.d.hess (PA)
Tub Failure or House Settling? Rowhome1524 (PA)
Hot water recirculation without pump Rickey G (IA)
No hot water in shower or tub sunshine (AZ)
Brizo Floriano pull-down kitchen faucet aerator replacement pvsub0 (MD)
How to trace a drain pipe cvcman (NY)
Hot and Cold hosebibs sum (FL) 11 
T fitting for large pipe - 3 1/2 Deb4437 (OH)
Toilet bolt is loose, no wobbling simplyguy (CA) 11 
Pipes make loud sound after sprinkler winterization poofyperson (CO)
Pipe in basement. sewilliams83 (SC)
faucet capt'n mike (PA)
is it bad to repeatedly pressurize/depressurize a hot water heater southpawboston (MA)
American Standard Single Lever drip. leakmaster (NY)
Merky water mack4691 (IL)
Sillcocks and hose bibs Joe adams (FL)
Outdoor Plumbing cynthiamyra (CA)
Sink smells after Dishwasher drains dk4dk4 (NY)
No water at all coming out of the cold side in tub Pkelley (FL)
pump surging problems travis88 (OK)
Pipe size for gas stove. jdossey (LA)
Leaks under the walls. Bugs Bunny's Baby (LA)
High water pressure BuffaloD23 (CA)
Goulds sewer pit mikedel28 (NY)
? help on basement floor drain backing up...( pics attached) cvcman (NY)
leaking vessel sink faucet tab628 (CA)
A unique shower leaking from 2nd floor to 1st floor puzzle martykander (IL)
Strange happenings. First floor tub faucet leaks when second floor... SteveV967 (CT)
scoping a drain line while it has water in it ?? cvcman (NY)
Clogged kitchen drain danno74 (NY)
Possible slab leak, please help! RESOLVED EdmundCelis (CA)
garage conversion question miamisunray (FL)
Sump Pump Discharge - Canada Jmaclicious (Non-US)
Can PSI be read by a 266 Clamp Meter? Penmo (OH)
Sewer Backup in basement bathroom dsho (NH)
Warm water on cold tap 4running (TX) 15 
Replacing tub faucet Solomon89 (MD)
Dual Heaters, One tub bdaalex (NJ) 10 
Air and water valves. Theman55 (ME)
Leaky bathroom faucet - Can't find screw on handle Know nothing (IL)
is there a mini pressure activated pump? cvcman (NY)
Delta 1700 shower cartidge leaking Scott E. (IN)
Kohler DTV Plus 6 port valve unions DavidB1 (TX)
Hot water recirculating pump question al5920 (CA)
What's the rule for PVC pipe size vs flow? jmr1068204 (GA)
Rennai Tankless Water Heater cjk1963 (AZ)
Leaking kitchen drain Vcunneen (GA)
Mystery pipes dksullivan09 (TN)
Radiator not heating. Tonyny638 (NY)
Single valve tub shower Robert fuller (OH)
Oops. kingshakabobo (IL)
Venting shower Hillegas (WV) 10 
Drain pipe under sink removal Bkv1993 (UT)
toilet hissing gholman (WA)
Cast Iron pipe below slab ddnttll (CO)
Bosch tankless water heater issues Karbipbaby (IL)
Water service re route Jrj150 (PA)
Bathroom sink faucet wmdodonnell (MD)
Removing Diverter Tom_A. (OH)
Should I redo shower pan over concrete? Concerned about weight Keneye (PA)
Double sink vanity OK to share drain & vent? Hillegas (WV) 10 
Appliance gas pipe moveable? Drkimmymaz (NJ)
Adjustment of Flapper on Toilet PlumberLoren (CA)
Tying into main stack - sloped or straight? Joe Elway (MO)
Sawzall on a turkey sum (FL)
Sewer not draining properly jem85 (IL)
RV Water Heater Connection VGA1296 (MI)
proper water and gas pipe layout mueller (MN)
Open waste drain Wereflyn (TX)
How to remove lock nut on bottom of flush valve? tkmom12 (GA)
AS 'Fiesta' kitchen faucet froodle (CA)
Corroded stopper/ring RPMinJAX (FL)
set screw phil (IL)
Toilets (3) constantly clog Frustratedmom (DE)
kitchen sink pressure is very, very low drkaraam (VA)
Delta Monitor - Bonnet nut soldered to valve?? miR (Non-US)
Baby Wipes and Snakes Pryor82 (IL) 10 
Water Heater Problems ericblankenship2000 (WV)
Frozen water pipe Powder skier (Non-US)
Do you recognize this brand? Clueless84 (GA)
What type of wrench/tool do I need to open this ? MMalsuch (NJ)
Plumber Wants to replace Lead Bend Plumb Dumb (NY)
K-4418 Cimmaron Toilet dmk8058 (NC)
Leaking tub/shower nick04 (KS)
Pipe size for a new long water line Handymax (FL)
Replacement for old cap necessary for sew odors JOE JOEY (NC)
Examining a fitting from inside with a drain camera sum (FL)
Identify this Faucet please (Delta?) reptiles (PA)
Poured Shower Pan Code in IBC Matt71 (CO)
AIR CHAMBER nicksab (CA)
Frozen hose dripping faucet(s)? Learn5 (Non-US)
What are these? Flashbang (NY) 13 
Water Hammer on a Newer Home js1614 (TX)
beveling plastic pipe before glueing? exapprentice30 (MA)
pump pappy55 (NC)
Bubbles in Toilet Flush noplumber (IN)
Water drip mystery boboberstadt (TX)
Aquastat Joey c (NY)
Dingy cold water Gary2550 (NC)
Dishwasher wiring issue TStan
Stripped screw. Unable to release air from radiator. Gee (PA)
Help with fittings and p trap under sink ChillyH20 (GA)
Taco zone valve relacement mountainfarm2012 (NH)
Help with basement rough plumbing design rand11b (IL) 12 
How do I Install Toilet Flange to Stubbed Pipe in Concrete Slab keithailor (AL)
Replacing 1 of 2 gas water heater Todoahunt (TX)
Bathtub drainage issue daniel178 (NY)
Gurgling from condo Sink drain HammerAndWD40 (CA)
B.S.P.P fittings K.C. (CO)
Toilet drain cleanout nicksab (CA) 14 
pex pipe for LP Transfer flanny23 (WI)
Utility sink install with existing washer on slab Hackalot (SC)
Leaking faucet saeed195 (TX)
bathroom sink faucet: pressure and hot water issue trarala (CA)
Sump pump won't stop!!!! Lindasumppump? (WI)
positemp cartridge screech mmccoy711 (IL)
No hot water! Redbird11 (FL)
A new method for joining cast iron to pvc. exapprentice30 (MA)
Monoflow 3 zone Joey c (NY)
Bubbles in kitchen sink Gary2550 (NC)
New photo monoflow 3 zone boiler pic Joey c (NY)
gas dryer venting code sbmmm (AZ)
Replacing Old Push Pull Shower Faucet, Seek Replacement Advice PlmbgNewb (PA)
Final drawing 3 zones monoflow tee Joey c (NY)
Air Admittance Valve GoodEnough (CO)
How should I connect new drain? ringo7979 (IL)
Clean Out pipe in yard NewOwner2014 (NC)
Drain camera problems GirlWannaPlumbToo (NC)
Black tube sticking out of shower faucet (where handle was) TMMiller002 (NV)
3 zone monoflow Joey c (NY)
Repost of redone plumbing job + Sanitary tee question Hillegas (WV) 18 
Only luke warm water in shower....Please help! michellem3280 (PA)
Drain pipes under house lay on fill have pulled away from drains KEYZGIRL (FL)
Need assistance identifying parts needed, please. Monty (KY)
foul odor prior to wash cycle rrtt (MN)
Bathtub Leaking/Water Coming from Below? jumpsalty (NM)
What kind of shower drain is this? It has been leaking. fathornet25 (NJ)
cast iron to PVC 55 Fairlane (WI)
Older home plumbing EarlMac (TN)
Urinal in the basement? Dick Macgurn (CA)
kitchen sink cited for code violation Pipe runner (AZ)
Gas water heater problem sbmmm (AZ) 15 
Shower to Tub conversion resipso (CO)
T & P valve placement MikeBeam (WA)
Pex Joey c (NY)
Valves Joey c (NY)
Grohe Thermostatic Valve bc70 (MA)
bathtub drain and shower head bear creek (IA)
line to refrigerator cman33 (TX)
How deep does toilet drain have to be once it leaves the building... chadsowder (IN)
T and P valve discharge Pipe runner (AZ)
Vent heights Ryan B (FL)
Varying success getting hot water out of multiple faucets. neatlee (Non-US)
Plastic Hair Snare broke off in tub drain erinlowe (WA)
New Home - tub stopper won't go down JamieSK (SC)
leaking kitchen sink seawa (WA)
sump pump pumping out water, despite no rain krp1 (IL)
kitchen faucets turn on, then halfway thru turn, turn off Susie (PA)
pedestal sink pvc77 (MA)
Adjusting temperature on shower Cmholmz (FL) 14 
How can I tell whether a faucet seat is removable or not? fix-it mode (OR)
kitchen sink drain problem Timbar (TN)
Water backup from wash machine and dishwasher Scompton (NE)
faucet that spins when you turn it on FritzL (NY)
Antique brass faucet Chuggysmom1 (AZ)
Hanging Pex from Exisiting Plumbing coachbean (CA)
Flexible PVC Pipe LeeB (MA)
Best way to connect a 2" and 1.5" to a 3" DWHR unit? Daijoubu (Non-US)
Single zone monoflo system would like to make into 3 zones Joey c (NY) 13 
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